John Clare Poems

John Clare was a Romantic poet who died in 1864. His work is well-regarded for his depictions of the English countryside, childhood, and his own suffering. Clare lived during a period of change in England, specifically the Agricultural revolution. His work is also known for its depth and thoughtfulness. Read more of John Clare’s Biography.

Emmonsail’s Heath in Winter

by John Clare

‘Emmonsail’s Heath in Winter’ by John Clare is a beautiful nature poem that describes a specific area in Northamptonshire in winter. The poem focuses on plants and birds. 

This is a beautiful John Clare poem that should be considered among his best. It focuses on the beauty that one can find in the natural world, especially in winter. The poet walks readers through the various birds and plants one might observe in this specific heath, allowing on to enjoy them for their beauty and nothing else. Although winter is often cited as a lifeless season, Clare reveals it is far from that.

I love to see the old heath's withered brake

Mingle its crimpled leaves with furze and ling,

While the old heron from the lonely lake

Starts slow and flaps his melancholy wing,

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First Love

by John Clare

‘First Love’ by John Clare describes the sudden, overwhelming love a speaker feels for a woman he is seeing for the first time. 

I Am!

by John Clare

‘I Am!’ by John Clare is a powerful poem about a speaker’s struggle with depression, loneliness, and a desire to find peace in Heaven. 

Sunday Dip

by John Clare

Sunday Dip is a poem that reflects on the joy of childhood. Clare explores the idyllic period of childhood against

The Badger

by John Clare

‘The Badger’ by John Clare is a narrative poem that portrays the cruelty and danger that animals face in the natural world.

When midnight comes a host of dogs and men

Go out and track the badger to his den,

And put a sack within the hole, and lie

Till the old grunting badger passes by.

The Dying Child

by John Clare

‘The Dying Child’ describes a child who is unable to die during springtime but unfortunately, whose circumstances change when winter comes.

The Secret

by John Clare

‘The Secret’, a poem by the English poet John Clare speaks on a speaker’s secrecy of feelings concerning a lady. This piece glorifies the beauty of the lady and the speaker’s dedication to her.

The Yellowhammer’s Nest

by John Clare

‘The Yellowhammer’s Nest’ by John Clare describes the beautiful and brutal world in which a yellowhammer makes its nest and lays its eggs.

Just by the wooden brig a bird flew up,

Frit by the cowboy as he scrambled down

To reach the misty dewberry—let us stoop

And seek its nest—the brook we need not dread,

Winter Rainbow

by John Clare

In ‘Winter Rainbow’ Clare speaks on themes of light/dark, hope, and nature. The poem depicts, with poetic diction and slightly

Young Lambs

by John Clare

‘Young Lambs’ is a typical John Clare poem in which the speaker uses natural images, such as that of a