John Crowe Ransom Poems

John Crowe Ransom was a poet and scholar. He is remembered for his essays and literary criticism as well. He’s the founder of the New Criticism School and worked at Kenyon College. His first poetry collection was Poems About God and his last was Selected Poems, published around ten years before his death.

Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter

by John Crowe Ransom

‘Bells for John Whiteside’s Daughter’ by John Crowe Ransom is an elegy for Whiteside’s daughter, a young girl who passed away suddenly. It’s unclear why she died, but, the speaker spends the bass majority of this poem depicting her lively and playful life.

Piazza Piece

by John Crowe Ransom

‘Piazza Piece’ by John Crowe Ransom is a two-stanza poem that uses mismatching structure and elements to bring the reader into a historic world.

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