John Milton

John Milton Poems

John Milton is considered to be one of the greatest English poets of all time. He also served as a civil servant under Oliver Cromwell. His greatest work is Paradise Lost, an epic poem about Satan’s fall from Heaven and attempted rebellion against God. Read more about John Milton.

How Soon Hath Time

by John Milton

John Milton’s infamous literary classic, ‘How Soon Hath Time’ explores various aspects, reflecting on his mood, conflicts with beliefs, and personal shortcomings, and most of all, the expediency of time.

On Shakespeare. 1630

by John Milton

‘On Shakespeare.1630’ by John Milton describes inappropriate monuments to the life of William Shakespeare and what the only true sepulchre consists of. 

On Time

by John Milton

‘On Time’ by John Milton describes the one element of human existence which must be extinguished for a truly utopian world to exist.

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