Jonathan Kariara Poems

Jonathan Kariara (1935–1993) was a Kenyan poet associated with the Makerere School of English. He attended Makerere University College in the 1950s, where he edited Penpoint, a literary magazine. Kariara worked as a book editor for the East African Literature Bureau and managed Oxford University Press’s Nairobi branch. He also edited the literary magazine Zuka and mentored writers. Known for his impactful critiques, he left a lasting literary legacy.

Grass Will Grow

by Jonathan Kariara

‘Grass will grow’ by Jonathan Kariara is a beautiful poem addressed to God and concerned with loss and a speaker’s reaction to it.

Kariara often explores themes of human suffering, resilience, and cultural identity. In 'Grass Will Grow,' he delves into universal emotions, making the poem accessible to a wide audience. His style often includes the use of simple language to convey profound emotions, which is evident in this piece.

If you should take my child Lord

Give my hands strength to dig his grave

cover him with earth

Lord send a little rain


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