Joseph Brodsky Poems

Joseph Brodsky was a Russian-American poet who was persecuted in the Soviet Union and lauded as an important writer in the west. His poems shared his political opinion as well as his fervor for change. They are filled with wit and a desire for independence. He authored nine volumes of poetry and collections of essays. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1987. Read more of Joseph Brodsky’s Biography.

Constancy by Joseph Brodsky

by Joseph Brodsky

‘Constancy’ by Joseph Brodsky describes what it means to change over time, specially when moving from one’s own home to another wholly unknown environment. 

Odysseus to Telemachus

by Joseph Brodsky

‘Odysseus to Telemachus’ by Joseph Brodsky is told from the perspective of the epic hero, Odysseus, while he is stranded on Circe’s island. 

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