Joy Harjo Poems

Joy Harjo is a major American poet who was chosen as poet laureate of the United States. She’s the first Native American to hold that position. Harjo has taught at universities around the United States and has released albums of her music. She’s also the author of children’s books.

She Had Some Horses

by Joy Harjo

‘She Had Some Horses’ by Joy Harjo illustrates the plurality of differences among people.

One of the reasons this poem by Joy Harjo is so effective is its commitment to both anaphora and the versatile symbolism of the horses. This allows the author to make sweepingly broad and intimately specific allusions to human nature via a collection of disarming images.

She had some horses.

She had horses who were bodies of sand.

She had horses who were maps drawn of blood.

She had horses who were skins of ocean water.

An American Sunrise

by Joy Harjo

‘An American Sunrise’ by Joy Harjo is a powerful poem about Native American culture written by the current Poet Laureate of the United States. The poem explores the struggles of the poet’s community as well as the successes and celebrations. 

Eagle Poem

by Joy Harjo

Have you ever wondered how graciously an eagle floats in the sky by making circular movements? In ‘Eagle Poem,’ Joy Harjo depicts how it is similar to the cycle of life.


by Joy Harjo

‘Remember’ by Joy Harjo is a thoughtful poem about human connection and the earth. The poet emphasizes how important it is to remember one’s history and relation to all living things.

Speaking Tree

by Joy Harjo

‘Speaking Tree’ by Joy Harjo describes how the poet senses and understands the natural world, her place in it, and