Joyce Kilmer Poems

Joyce Kilmer was an American poet who is best remembered for his collection Trees and Other Poems, published in 1914. The title poem is certainly his most famous. This poem and his others celebrated nature and his faith. Kilmer was killed in action in World War I. Read more of Joyce Kilmer’s Biography.

Summer of Love

by Joyce Kilmer

‘Summer of Love’ by Joyce Kilmer juxtaposes nature’s beauty with enduring love, celebrating the lasting joy of affection.

This poem by Joyce Kilmer is a representation of some aspects of his poetry. Kilmer is known for his romantic and traditional style, often celebrating the beauty of nature and the enduring themes of love and spirituality. This poem exemplifies those themes, with its focus on the beauty of June and the symbolism of love's enduring magic. However, it's essential to note that Kilmer's body of work includes a variety of poems covering different themes and styles. Some of his poems delve into religious and spiritual topics, while others explore the impact of war and conflict.

June lavishes sweet-scented loveliness

And sprinkles sunfilled wine on everything;

The very leaves grow drunk with bliss and sing

And every breeze becomes a soft caress.

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