J.P. Grasser Poems

J.P. Grasser is a young, contemporary American poet who won the first Treehouse Climate Action Poem Prize. His best-known poem is ‘Letter to my Great, Great Grandchild.’ The poem is well-regarded by critics for its insight into the future. Little is known about his life, but he is currently a Wallace Stegner Fellow at the University of Utah.

Letter to My Great, Great, Grandchild

by J.P. Grasser

‘Letter to My Great, Great, Grandchild’ by J.P. Grasser is a powerful poem about the climate crisis. Throughout, the poet alludes to terrible planetary changes that occur in only a few generations. 

Oh button, don’t go thinking we loved pianos

more than elephants, air conditioning more than air.


We loved honey, just loved it, and went into stores

to smell the sweet perfume of unworn leather shoes.

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