Kamala Das

Kamala Das Poems

Kamala Das, born Kamala Surayya, was an Indian poet and novelist. She went by the pen name Madhavikutty. She wrote openly about politics, equal rights for women, and sexuality. She was an important figure in the Indian feminist movement and won numerous awards, like the Asian Poetry Prize and the PEN Asian Poetry Prize.

An Introduction

by Kamala Das

You hear it all the time now, “Down with the patriarchy!” But, what does it really mean and who does it apply to? Well, in Kamala Das’ poem, you may be able to find some answers.

The Stone Age

by Kamala Das

In ‘The Stone Age’ by Kamala Das, a frustrated speaker blames her husband for ruining her life by his unappeasable lust. This poem is addressed to the husband in a satirical manner.