Keith S. Wilson Poems

Keith S. Wilson is an accomplished Affrilachian poet and Cave Canem fellow known for his acclaimed collection “Fieldnotes on Ordinary Love” (Copper Canyon Press, 2019). With multiple fellowships and awards, including the Rumi Prize, he also excels as a game designer, collaborating with prestigious institutions. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Keith’s creativity resonates through his poetry and contributions to the literary and gaming worlds.


by Keith S. Wilson

‘Heliocentric’ by Keith S. Wilson is a singsongy poem about an astronaut in space missing someone on Earth whom he loves and desires.

Keith S. Wilson is an Affrilachian poet and game designer. He has written a couple of poems in the 21st Century, and 'Heliocentric' is one of them. The poem focuses on an astronaut in space and away from his love interest on Earth. It is a piece about love, nostalgia, and longing. Keith hasn't been in the world of poetry for long. Nonetheless, this is a very good piece from him. It is arguably his most popular one yet.

I’m striving to be a better astronaut,

but consider where I’m coming from,

the exosphere,

a desk where the bluest air

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