Kevin Young

Kevin Young is a contemporary American poet and teacher. He’s worked as the director of the  Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American History and Culture. He’s the author of For The Confederate Dead, Dear Darkness, Blues Laws: Selected and Uncollected Poems 1995–2015. His poetry has been included in a wide array of publications.


‘Errata’ by Kevin Young is a love lyric that talks about how much the poet loves his beloved. But the expression of the poem is a little bit odd.

Everywhere Is Out of Town

‘Everywhere Is Out of Town’ is a poetic tribute to The James Brown band, popularly knows as the J.B.’s. The poem was first published in a poetry journal in 1993.

Everywhere Is Out of Town by Kevin Young Visual Representation

Quivira City Limits

‘Quivira City Limits’ is a poem about the poet Kevin Young’s nostalgia concerning his childhood days in Topeka, Kansas. Though he was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, he had grown a deep attachment with the lush fields of the city precincts.


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