Lady Mary Chudleigh Poems

Lady Mary Chudleigh (1656-1710), an English poet and feminist essayist, challenged traditional gender roles ahead of her time. Despite limited formal education, she was an avid reader of theology, science, and philosophy.

Her prominent poem “To the Ladies” critiqued oppressive marriages. Mary’s writings advocated women’s education and self-worth. She was part of an intellectual circle, and her feminist essays are still relevant today.

To the Ladies

by Lady Mary Chudleigh

‘To the Ladies’ by Lady Mary Chudleigh talks about how marriage rids the woman of her person and attaches her importance to the one she is married to.

Lady Mary Chudleigh was an English poet. She was known mostly for being a feminist. She contributed to the cause through her literary works. 'To the Ladies' is a 1703 poem about feminism from the lens of marriage. It highlights the unpleasant things women go through in the name of marriage. This remarkable contribution to the world of literature is nothing short of what is expected of a renowned poet like her.

Wife and servant are the same,

But only differ in the name:

For when that fatal knot is tied,

Which nothing, nothing can divide:  

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