Lawrence Ferlinghetti  Poems

Lawrence Ferlinghetti was an American poet and painter. He is also remembered as a social activist. He authored books of poetry, criticism, and film narration. His best-known collection, and his first, A Coney Island of the Mind, was published in 1958. He also published several of the Beat Poets throughout their careers.


by Lawrence Ferlinghetti 

‘Dog’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a philosophically complex poem that uses the perspective of a dog to speak on free will and religion.

Ferlinghetti's style is characterized by his use of colloquial language and his blending of poetic and political concerns. 'Dog' exemplifies this style, using humor and wit to convey serious ideas about the human experience.

The dog trots freely in the street

and sees reality

and the things he sees

Populist Manifesto

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti 

Lawrence Ferlinghetti passionately urges poets to break free, engage the world, and speak out for transformative change.

This poem is a good representation of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poems. It captures the essence of his writing style, which is characterized by passionate and socially engaged themes, vivid imagery, and a call to action for positive change. Ferlinghetti's poems often challenge conventional norms, celebrate the beauty of life, and advocate for a more inclusive and transformative society. 'Populist Manifesto' encapsulates these elements and showcases Ferlinghetti's signature voice and poetic vision.

Poets, come out of your closets,

Open your windows, open your doors,

You have been holed-up too long

in your closed worlds.



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