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Leonard Górski, born in Krasnystaw, Poland, on April 27, 1953, is a notable poet known for his introspective and evocative works. After completing his military service in 1972, Górski went on to study Polish Philology at the Faculty of Humanities of the Catholic University of Lublin, earning a master’s degree in 1982. He worked at the Department of Religious Literature Research at the Catholic University of Lublin and also collaborated with the Editorial Office of the KUL Publishing House.

In 1986, Górski left for Italy and then arrived in the United States in 1987. He currently resides in New York. His latest publication, “At The Gates of Meditation. Selected poems.” (2020), showcases his contemplative approach to life and showcases his skill in awakening emotions through his poetry. His work has been published in various literary magazines.

I, the Poet

by Leonard Gorski

‘I, the Poet’ by Leonard Gorski is a thought-provoking and multi-layered free-verse poem that explores themes of identity, mortality, and the search for meaning in an often confusing and uncertain world. 

Leonard Gorski is a relatively unknown poet whose work is known for its complexity, unique images, and at times, ambiguity. The poet is interested in exploring religious themes, the quest for meaning in life, and inevitable change over one's lifetime. His work usually engages with these themes through a modern, free-verse style of poetry that perfectly fits his elaborate take on everyday life. Readers will likely find themselves easily connecting to his depiction of a life-long search for meaning in 'I, the Poet' and challenged by his unusual use of language.

I, the poet, wandering and amazed

Nailed by unhappiness to the wall

By age and poverty,

On which floor of stupidity or ignorance I dwell?

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