Li-Young Lee Poems

Li-Young Lee is an Indonesian poet whose family originated from China. He was influenced by poets like Li Bo and Tu Fu. Readers enjoy his use of mysticism, themes of life and memory, as well as his use of silence in his work. His poems are sometimes lyrical in nature and other times narrative or personal.

From Blossoms

by Li-Young Lee

‘From Blossoms’ describes the simple joys of summer. It uses peaches to explore the vivid interconnectedness of the world.

Li-Young Lee is an American poet born in Jakarta, Indonesia, to Chinese parents. He has published five poetry collections since 1986. 'From Blossoms' is among his best-known works. It comes from his debut collection, entitled 'Rose.' The poem is a great example of Lee's simple but highly expressive writing style. Like many of Lee's poems, 'From Blossoms' is concerned with personal experience and the speaker's place in the world.

From blossoms comes

this brown paper bag of peaches

we bought from the boy

at the bend in the road where we turned toward

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