Linh Dinh Poems

Linh Dinh is a Vietnamese-American poet, fiction writer, translator, and photographer. His notable works include poetry collections like “Some Kind of Cheese Orgy” and “Jam Alerts,” as well as the novel “Love Like Hate.”

Recognized for his provocative style, Dinh has been anthologized in Best American Poetry and received grants such as the Pew Foundation Grant. He co-founded The Drunken Boat and resides in Philadelphia.

Eating Fried Chicken

by Linh Dinh

‘Eating Fried Chicken’ employs an unexpected experience as a way to explore privilege and injustice. It examines questions of guilt and morality through the lens of food availability.

Linh Dinh's poetry often deals with social issues in an unusual way. He has a talent for using seemingly glib or inappropriate wording to cut to the heart of an issue. 'Eating Fried Chicken' is a great example of this kind of writing. Dinh contrasts fried chicken, an indulgent, tasty, greasy food, with widespread hunger and lack of resources in many parts of the world.

I hate to admit this, brother, but there are times

When I’m eating fried chicken

When I think about nothing else but eating fried chicken,

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