Louis MacNeice

Louis MacNeice was a well-regarded member of the Auden-Spender-Day Lewis group, although not the most famous. He collaborated with Auden on Letters from Iceland. He taught for a time, married, and continued to write. His collection, Poems, published in 1935 was one of his most successful.

Meeting Point

‘Meeting Point’ by Louis MacNiece is an eight-stanza poem that uses structure, rhyme, and metaphor to reveal the life cycle of a relationship.

Prayer Before Birth

‘Prayer Before Birth’ by Louis MacNeice was¬†written during the terror struck days of World War II. It places the realities of an evil world into the mouth of an unborn baby.


‘Snow’ by Louis MacNeice looks like a straightforward poem about a winter scene, but the truth is much more complex.

Snow by Louis MacNeice Visual Representation