Louise Bogan Poems

Louise Bogan was a poet and critic who was incredibly successful during the 20th century.  Her style is described as subtle and restrained, influenced by authors like Henry James and George Herbert. Her poems are personal but not in the same way as the Confessional poets. Read more of Louise Bogan’s Biography.

Juan’s Song

by Louise Bogan

‘Juan’s Song’ by Louise Bogan explores the idea that love doesn’t always work out. The poet asks what does ‘love


by Louise Bogan

‘Medusa’ by Louise Bogan describes an encounter the speaker has with the eyes of Medusa and the eternal results of that meeting.

Song For The Last Act

by Louise Bogan

‘Song for the Last Act’ by Louise Bogan describes the complicated and emotionally confining relationship that exists between a speaker and their listener. 

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