Louise Glück

Louise Glück (pronounced as “Glick”), Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, 2020, is an acclaimed contemporary American Poet and essayist. She has not only received many notable awards but also was appointed as the Poet Laureate of the United States from 2003 to 2004. She has written twelve poetry books. These include Faithful and Virtuous Night which won the National Book Award in 2014. Another, Poems 1962-2012 won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Her poetry often deals with themes of relationships despair, and family matters.

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by Louise Glück

‘Anniversary’ by Louise Glück contains the words of a cold male speaker to his female partner. These lines, taking place on their anniversary, convey a troubling relationship dynamic.

Gretel in Darkness

by Louise Glück

‘Gretel in Darkness’ by Louise Glück is an incredibly creative poem. Through the perspective of Gretel, the poet explores what it’s like to be ignored and controlled by men. 

The Wild Iris

by Louise Glück

‘The Wild Iris’ by Louise Glück is told from the perspective of a flower. It comprehends death differently than humanity does and shares its understanding.

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