Marge Piercy Poems

Marge Piercy is an American writer born in 1936. Her works include He, She and It as well as Gone to Soldiers. The former won the Arthur C. Clarke Award. Often, her poetry explores feminist themes and social issues. Read more of Marge Piercy’s Biography.

Barbie Doll

by Marge Piercy

‘Barbie Doll’ by Marge Piercy was inspired by the traditional girl’s toy, the Barbie Doll. It explores themes of feminism and expectations.

The cat’s song

by Marge Piercy

‘The cat’s song’ by Marge Piercy describes the way that a cat interacts, questions, and regards his owner as the two live together.

The friend

by Marge Piercy

‘The friend’ by Marge Piercy explores an abusive relationship in which Piercy is subjugated under her male lover. Although she

To be of use

by Marge Piercy

Within ‘To be of use’ Piercy utilizes clever metaphors and similes to praise human beings who embody the traits of

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