Mark Strand Poems

Mark Strand is one of the most important poets of his generation. He has worked as an editor, translator, and more. He was named the Poet Laureate Consult in Poetry to the Literary of Congress in 1990. He worked as a professor of English at Columbia University until his death in 2014.

Eating Poetry

by Mark Strand

‘Eating Poetry’ is an unusual and surreal poem the depicts the effects of “eating poetry”. The scenes are set in

Keeping Things Whole

by Mark Strand

‘Keeping Things Whole’ was published in 1964 in Strand’s first collection, Sleeping With One Eye Open. It includes many of

The Prediction

by Mark Strand

Mark Strand’s poem ‘The Prediction’ is about the inevitability of death. It depicts a moonlit night where a lady anticipates her imminent death.

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