Mary Lamb Poems

Mary Lamb was an English writer who is best known for working alongside her brother Charles on Tales from Shakespeare. She is well regarded for her literary works, but it’s perhaps better known for her mental decline and the murder of her mother during a mental breakdown. She spent most of her life confined to a mental facility.


by Mary Lamb

‘Envy’ by Mary Lamb showcases a core belief that the existence of the title characteristic, ‘Envy’ is not only an unnecessary quality to possess, but it is actually nonsensical.

Summer Friends

by Mary Lamb

‘Summer Friends’ by Mary Lamb is a sixteen line poem that speaks to the invulnerable relationship between friends in good times and bad. 

The Swallow is a summer bird;

He in our chimneys, when‘the weather is fine and warm, may then be heard

Chirping his notes for weeks together.

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