Mary Oliver Poems

Mary Oliver was an American author of poetry and prose. Many of her poems deal with the interconnectivity of nature. She won the National Book Award in 1992; and the Pulitzer Prize in 1984. She passed away in 2019 at the age of eighty-three. 

Some of Mary Oliver’s best poems include ‘Wild Geese,’ ‘Peonies,’ ‘Morning Poem,’ and Flare.’

Good-bye Fox

by Mary Oliver

‘Good-bye Fox’ by Mary Oliver is a thoughtful poem that explores the meaning of life. It includes a conversation between a fox and a human being.

Morning Poem

by Mary Oliver

‘Morning Poem’ by Mary Oliver uses the dawn of a new day to speak of hope and new beginnings, offering an optimistic message.

Peonies by Mary Oliver

by Mary Oliver

‘Peonies’ by Mary Oliver uses imagery to depict peonies. She also explores the importance of relishing in humanity’s connection to the natural world. 


by Mary Oliver

‘Singapore’ by Mary Oliver is a highly relatable poem that speaks about life’s struggles and the beauty of mundane and graceful work. It is set in an airport bathroom in Singapore. 

Sleeping in the Forest

by Mary Oliver

‘Sleeping in the Forest’ by Mary Oliver is a lyric poem that depicts a speaker’s experience in the natural world. She spends the night in the forest and is made better for it.

Song of the Builders

by Mary Oliver

‘Song of the Builders’ by Mary Oliver is a lovely poem that uses nature as a metaphor. The poet compares human beings and the way we should treat our lives to the way a cricket works humbly. 

The Black Walnut Tree

by Mary Oliver

‘The Black Walnut Tree’ by Mary Oliver is a thoughtful poem about familial history. The poet depicts a discussion between herself and her mother. 

The Summer Day

by Mary Oliver

‘The Summer Day’ by Mary Oliver is characteristic of much of her best writing. It focuses on nature and the purpose of life.

Wild Geese

by Mary Oliver

In short, ‘Wild Geese’ is a poem, written by Mary Oliver, that expresses what one must do in order to lead a good life.

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