Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold is best-remembered for his poem, Dover Beach‘. It, along with several others, solidified Arnold’s place in the history of 19th-century poetry. Read more about Matthew Arnold.

Buried Life

‘Buried Life’ by Matthew Arnold is a monologue through which a distressed speaker analyzes his complicated feelings about his own inner life.

Dover Beach

‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold is dramatic monologue lamenting the loss of true Christian faith in England during the mid 1800s.

Growing Old

‘Growing Old’ is about the reality of aging and how ones youthful expectations will not be fulfilled as one’s body losing beauty and strength.


‘Longing’ by Matthew Arnold is a poem directed at someone’s lover. They ask this person to visit them in their dreams since they can’t be together during the day.


‘Philomena’ by Matthew Arnold follows a narrator who after encountering a nightingale in the woods in England, interprets it’s calls for the sounds of mourning.