Mervyn Morris Poems

Mervyn Morris is a poet and professor from Jamaica. He’s considered one of the preeminent West Indian poets of his generation. He is credited with spreading the importance of Jamaican culture within his verse. He was named the Poet Laureate of Jamaica. Read more of Mervyn Morris’ Biography.

Little Boy Crying

by Mervyn Morris

‘Little Boy Crying’ by Mervynn Morris describes the emotions of a child who is struck by his father for playing in the rain. 

Mervyn Morris is a Jamaican poet and professor who has been praised for his ability to convey deep emotion and meaning through simple yet powerful language. His work often explores the complexities of relationships, identity, and the human experience, and 'Little Boy Crying' is a prime example of his poignant and evocative style.

Your mouth contorting in brief spite and hurt,

your laughter metamorphosed into howls,

your frame so recently relaxed now tight

with three year old frustration, your bright eyes

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