Saint Lucia Poems

The Wind in the Dooryard

by Derek Walcott

‘The Wind in the Dooryard’ by Derek Walcott was written after the death of Eric Roach, a well-respected poet who died by suicide in 1974. This poem is dedicated to his life and work. 

Derek Walcott was born in Saint Lucia and is broadly regarded as the best poet of the country. His work is read around the world and often speaks on Saint Lucian life and history. This poem is one of his best.

I didn't want this poem to come from the torn mouth, I didn't want this poem to come

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The Almond Trees

by Derek Walcott

‘The Almond Trees’ By Derek Walcott is a confessional poem about identity, history, and cultural identity.

Derek Walcott shows us a wonderful image from what many infer is a grove of Almond trees that were not too far from where he grew up. His writing is one of the best of Saint Lucian writers, and the images of history, culture, and nature portray a story that the reader can't help but follow.

Ruins of a Great House

by Derek Walcott

Derek Walcott’s ‘Ruins of a Great House’ combines themes of historical and cultural abuse with factual reasoning and literary references to bring together a massive emotional conflict in the Speaker’s perception.

Derek Walcott is a Nobel prize-winning poet who was born in St. Lucia. In terms of comparing "Ruins of a Great House" to the culture, it's spot on. The Speaker is a member of the St. Lucia public attempting to recognize the past horrors done to their people and find compassion in the ruined plantation they wander into.


by Derek Walcott

‘Lampfall’ by Derek Walcott dives deep into an investigation of thought, dreaming, community and connection while also implying that nature and thought are more meaningful than development.

This poem depicts the poet's home in Saint Lucia. While this poem does an excellent job capturing the beauty of nature by the seaside on the island, some of Walcott's other poems say a bit more about this Caribbean destination. Other poems, such as 'Parades, Parades,' are much more representative of his nationalist or political work.

Oddjob, a Bull Terrier

by Derek Walcott

‘Oddjob, a Bull Terrier’ by Derek Walcott is a thoughtful, emotional poem about loss and how unbearable the death of a pet can be. 

Parades, Parades

by Derek Walcott

‘Parades, Parades’ by Derek Walcott is an interesting, allusion-filled poem that discusses Saint Lucia after the end of British colonial rule. 

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