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Nick Flynn is an American poet and playwright whose work is characterized by breaking down barriers between genres. His notable works are The Reenactments, Some Ether, and City. He has won a Guggenheim Fellowship and many other important prizes.

Bag of Mice

by Nick Flynn

‘Bag of Mice’ by Nick Flynn is a powerful poem that describes a speaker’s dream and a listener’s suicide note. It uses short, evocative lines that are easy to read and hard to forget.

'Bag of Mice' is one of the poet's best pieces. It is a powerful and evocative poem that engages with key themes like death, suicide, and nature. The poem is beautifully written with short, image-rich lines that should inspire readers to seek out more of the poet's work.

I dreamt your suicide note

was scrawled in pencil on a brown paperbag,

& in the bag were six baby mice. The bag

opened into darkness,

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Cartoon Physics, part 1

by Nick Flynn

‘Cartoon Physics, part 1’ appears in Nick Flynn’s Some Ether (2000). This poem mocks the humorous concepts of animation that defy real physics and biology.

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