Nikki Giovanni Poems

Nikki Giovanni is an important American poet who was born in 1943. She is also one of the world’s best-known and most commonly read African-American poets. She has won some of the most prestigious literary awards, including the Langston Hughes Medal and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. 


by Nikki Giovanni

In ‘Nikki-Rosa,’ Nikki Giovanni explores her experiences while growing up in a closely-knit black community in 1950s America.

Rosa Parks

by Nikki Giovanni

‘Rosa Parks’ by Nikki Giovanni is a poem about activism and the importance of remembering important moments in African American history. The poem pays tribute to the heroic actions of the Pullman Porters who spearheaded the civil rights movement and forever changed history for the African American community.

The Women Gather

by Nikki Giovanni

‘The Women Gather’ is a short, free verse poem that speaks on how we judge one another and the essentially good nature of human beings.