Niyi Osundare Poems

Niyi Osundare is an important African poet and literary critic. His poetry is influenced by a variety of poetic traditions, including oral poetry. He has been awarded numerous poetic awards for his excellent verse. His publications include The Eye of Earth and Village Voices.

Not My Business

by Niyi Osundare

‘Not My Business’ by Niyi Osundare is a powerful, satirical poem that explores the consequences of staying silent in the face of oppression.

Niyi Osundare is a renowned Nigerian poet known for his powerful and socially engaged poetry. His poem addresses a wide range of themes, including social justice, political oppression, and human experiences. This poem is characterized by its shocking imagery and poignant message. It should be considered one of, if not his best, poem.

They picked Akanni up one morning

Beat him soft like clay

And stuffed him down the belly

Of a waiting jeep.

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