Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash Poems

Ogden Nash was a much-loved American poet who is remembered for his lighthearted and humorous poems for children and adults. His pun-like style brought joy to readers across the States and around the world. Read more about Ogden Nash.

Some of Ogden Nash’s most famous poems include The Fly, The Cow, The Tale of Custard the Dragon, The Duckand The Octopus.

The Tale of Custard the Dragon

by Ogden Nash

‘The Tale of Custard the Dragon’ by Ogden Nash is a ballad about a young girl, Belinda, and her four pets, one of whom is a cowardly dragon named Custard.

This very clever Ogden Nash poem represents his children's poetry well. It demonstrates his amusing use of language and particularly his inclusion of animals in his poems.

Belinda lived in a little white house,

With a little black kitten and a little gray mouse,

And a little yellow dog and a little red wagon,

And a realio, trulio, little pet dragon.

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The Panther

by Ogden Nash

‘The Panther’ by Ogden Nash is a children’s poem about panthers. It uses humor to depict the panther and the dangers it poses.

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