Olive Senior Poems

Olive Senior, a Jamaican-born writer, captures the essence of childhood and adulthood with a keen eye for nature, history, and local intricacies. Her upbringing in Jamaica’s mountainous landscape deeply influences her work.

With numerous awards, including the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, Senior’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction seamlessly intertwine themes of identity, ethnicity, and Caribbean life, often with an ironic and humorous touch. Senior’s works are a vibrant testament to her Caribbean roots and literary prowess.


by Olive Senior

‘Plants’ by Olive Senior is a unique free verse poem that describes the deceptiveness of plants. It uses irony and humor to suggest that plants are trying to take over the world.

Olive Senior's poetry, including 'Plants,' showcases her skill in depicting the complexities of the natural world. Through her use of literary devices and a playful tone, Senior explores the deceptive nature of plants and their strategic survival techniques. Her unique perspective allows readers to appreciate the often-overlooked aspects of nature, prompting contemplation about our relationship with the environment.

Plants are deceptive. You see them there

looking as if once rooted they know

their places; not like animals, like us

always running around, leaving traces.

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