Oliver Wendell Holmes

Oliver Wendell Holmes was a skilled poet and physician. He’s considered to be one of the preeminent Fireside Poets and has been considered as one of the best poets of the mid-1800s. His writing is often referred to as family-friendly, conventional, and easy to relate to. Read more of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ Biography.

Old Ironsides

‘Old Ironsides’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes speaks on the glory of the USS Constitution on the eve of its decommissioning from the service.

The Chambered Nautilus

‘The Chambered Nautilus’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes is an interesting and beautiful poem. In it, the poet describes the nautilus and the life of struggle and improvement it engages in.

The Living Temple

‘The Living Temple’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes describes the relationship between humankind and God’s marvellous natural creation. 

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