Owen Sheers

Owen Sheers Poems

Owen Sheers is a Welsh poet who was born in 1974. His collection of poems about family life, The Blue Book, was published in 2000 and won the Wales Book of the Year and the Forward Prize. He has also written plays, novels, and presented documentaries on the BBC. 

Coming Home

by Owen Sheers

‘Coming Home’ by Owen Sheers is a thoughtful poem that describes the transitory nature of life. The poet explores aging, family, and the impact of change.


by Owen Sheers

‘Farther’ was first published in Sheer’s second collection, Skirrid Hill, in 2005. The poem depicts the relationship between the poet and his father.

Y Gaer (The Hill Fort)

by Owen Sheers

‘Y Gaer’ tells the narrative of Sheers visiting the place where a man comes to grieve for his dead son. The poem is a tribute to grief and the power of nature.

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