Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda is one of the best-loved poets of the 20th century. Throughout his life, he worked as a senator, diplomat, and won the Nobel Prize. He is often considered to be the single most important Latin American poet of the century. Read more about Pablo Neruda.

9 of the Best Pablo Neruda Love Poems

On this list, lovers of poetry will find nine of the best love poems ever written, and they all stemmed from the hand of Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.

A Dog Has Died

by Pablo Neruda

‘A Dog Has Died’ by Pablo Neruda is a heart-wrenching eulogy for the poet’s much-loved, deceased dog that also explores the dog’s personality and interactions with the speaker.

And Because Love Battles

by Pablo Neruda

‘And Because Love Battles’ by Pablo Neruda is about a social battle, two lovers fight for unification. This poem presents the theme of love and its power to break through all the obligations.

Every Day You Play

by Pablo Neruda

‘Every Day You Play’ by Pablo Neruda describes the overwhelming love a speaker has for the listener and the way his life is improved by their relationship. 

If You Forget Me

by Pablo Neruda

‘If You Forget Me’ speaks directly to the author’s lover, warning her what will happen if she falls out of love with the speaker.

Ode to Enchanted Light

by Pablo Neruda

‘Ode to Enchanted Light’ utilizes alliteration, word choices, and metaphor to express the vast possibilities that come with change.

The Poet’s Obligation

by Pablo Neruda

‘The Poet’s Obligation’ by Pablo Neruda describes the need felt by a speaker to ease the internal suffering of others through his writing.

The Sea

by Pablo Neruda

‘The Sea’ is a meditation upon the tranquility of the sea and its pacifying waves. This poem reflects Pablo Neruda’s strong relationship with the sea.

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