Pat Mora Poems

Pat Mora, a prominent figure in contemporary Hispanic poetry and literature, was born in El Paso, Texas. A versatile writer, she authored poetry, children’s books, and essays. Her works beautifully intertwine her bicultural upbringing, reflecting the Southwest desert’s essence and promoting bilingualism and diversity.

An advocate for literacy, Mora founded Children’s Day, Book Day, an initiative celebrated nationwide. She is celebrated for her bilingual charm, bridging cultures through her writings.

La Migra

by Pat Mora

‘La Migra’ by Pat Mora is a unique poem about the plight of migrants and how, when you shift your perspective, the position of power changes substantially. 

This poem is a fantastic example of Pat Mora's highly influential verse. Often her poems, like this one, explore the struggle at the Mexican/American border and elements of culture that inform interactions. This poem uses role-reversal to explore the dynamic between a Border Patrol officer and a Mexican woman, shedding light on the harsh realities of border crossing, human rights abuses, and the resilience of the immigrants.

Let’s play La Migra

I’ll be the Border Patrol.

You be the Mexican maid.

I get the badge and sunglasses.