Patience Agbabi Poems

Patience Agbabi is a British poet and performer. Her poetry engages with important contemporary themes, but it often uses formal constraints more commonly seen in traditional poetry. Her collections include Telling Tales and The Wife of Bafa. 

Eat Me

by Patience Agbabi

‘Eat Me’ by Patience Agbabi tells the story of an incredibly unhealthy relationship based around control, one-sided lust, and food. 

This poem is regarded as one of Patience Agbabi's best. It's very impactful, memorable, and quite surprising in depicting an abusive relationship. The poem is read, debated, studied, and enjoyed by readers with various opinions regarding its subject matter.

When I hit thirty, he brought me a cake,

three layers of icing, home-made,

a candle for each stone in weight.

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