Philip Sidney Poems

Philip Sidney was an English poet and scholar born in 1555. He is best known for his long work Astrophel and Stella, as well as The Defense of Poetry. He also wrote 108 love sonnets inspired by the work of Petrarch and dedicated to the poet’s mistress.

The Nightingale

by Philip Sidney

‘The Nightingale’ is a unique love-lyric that exploits the classical myth of Philomel to morph the personal rue of a lovelorn heart into a superb piece of poetry.

In this poem, Philip Sidney perfectly portrayed his agony by contrasting it with the Philomela myth. It is a perfect love poem written in a conversational tone. The poem is a perfect literature segment , that shows the excellence of The Elizabethan poet Philip Sidney.

O Philomela fair, O take some gladness,

That here is juster cause of plaintful sadness:

Thine earth now springs, mine fadeth;

Thy thorn without, my thorn my heart invadeth.

My True Love Hath My Heart

by Philip Sidney

‘My True Love Hath My Heart’ by Sir Philip Sidney is a Shakespearean sonnet. It captures the intensity and depth of two people who experience love at first sight.

Philip Sidney wrote many poems and many sonnets, this might not be his greatest, but it does still showcase his mastery of the form. Especially considering the sonnet was just a small part of a much larger work.

My true-love hath my heart and I have his,

By just exchange one for the other given:

I hold his dear, and mine he cannot miss;

There never was a bargain better driven.