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Books are a common poetic topic found in all styles and genres of verse writing. Often, poets use allusions to previous publications in their writing, citing these novels and poetic collections as clear inspirations for their own works.

Without a doubt, books and literature, more broadly, are one of the primary sources of inspiration for writers (of all genres and forms) throughout history. From ancient works like The Odyssey and the Metamorphoses to modern poetic collections that have inspired contemporary writers.

Additionally, readers are likely to find themselves exploring poems in which authors celebrate their love for reading, or admiration for authors, generally. Many poets have chosen to put in writing the way that reading enhances their life.


by Kay Ryan

‘Bestiary’ by Kay Ryan is a short, cynical, and witty free verse poem in which the speaker explores the differences between what is good and what is best.

'Bestiary' is, at its core, a critique of literature and words. The poem analyzes the term "best" until it entirely breaks down and reveals that those who strive for perfection and admiration often suppress and harm others to attain the status of being "best." Likewise, Ryan seems to critique her own poetry here, questioning what makes a poem "best."


by Amanda Gorman

‘Memorial’ by Amanda Gorman is a poem about the past and how poets are able to use their writing to help readers relive it.

Broadly, the poet suggests that literature can transport readers to different times--specifically the past and allow them to access long-forgotten memories.

My Book

by Robert Service

In writing ‘My Book,’ Robert Service reminds his readers about the importance of avoiding judgement on others and instead focusing on themselves.

There is no Frigate like a Book

by Emily Dickinson

‘There is no Frigate like a Book’ by Emily Dickinson focuses on how joyful reading can be. The speaker compares reading to exploring and emphasizes its elements of escapism.

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