Climate Change Poems


by Amanda Gorman

‘Alarum’ by Amanda Gorman speaks about extinction and the climate crisis, alluding to the fate of humankind if nothing changes. 

Climate change is the central topic of this poem, seen throughout the text through Gorman's allusions to change, culture, societal divisions, and the future of humanity. Readers familiar with the issues are likely to recognize the endless debate surrounding the climate crisis and the different suggestions regarding what should be done about it.

We're writing as the daughter of a / dying world / as

its new-faced alert. / In math, the slash / also called

the solidus / means division, divided by. / We were

divided / from each other, person / person. / Some

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by Amanda Gorman

‘Earthrise’ by Amanda Gorman is a powerful contemporary poem about climate change, the Apollo 8 mission to the moon, and the future of the Earth.

Climate change is the most important topic at work in this poem. The poet speaks about the topic with skillful imagery, effective metaphors, and a direct plea for support to readers. The poet hoped readers would walk away from this poem feeling inspired to change their lives and encourage those around them to do the same.

Australia 1970

by Judith Wright

‘Australia 1970’ by Judith Wright speaks on the changing landscape of Australia in the 1970s. It promotes a version of Australia that is fierce, wild, and dangerous just like the animals that have always lived within its boundaries.

Letter to My Great, Great, Grandchild

by J.P. Grasser

‘Letter to My Great, Great, Grandchild’ by J.P. Grasser is a powerful poem about the climate crisis. Throughout, the poet alludes to terrible planetary changes that occur in only a few generations. 

The Climate

by Annelyse Gelman

‘The Climate’ by Annelyse Gelman is a powerful piece about the climate crisis. It is seen through an approaching wave and metaphorical beachgoers’ negligence.

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