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The Forest

by Susan Stewart

‘The Forest’ by Susan Stewart is a complex, cyclical poem about how memories can give new life to things that no longer exist.

'The Forest' takes the listener on a journey into the speaker's memory as she recalls a forest she got lost in as a child. While her memory of the forest is hazy, she recognizes that she will never be able to experience the natural forest as she did when she was a child. Her perception will permanently be stained with her age.

You should lie down now and remember the forest, 

for it is disappearing--

no, the truth is it is gone now 

and so what details you can bring back 

might have a kind of life.

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Song of the Chattahoochee

by Sidney Lanier

‘Song of the Chattahoochee’ is a 19th century American poem that takes the perspective of the Chattahoochee river as it flows from northern Georgia to the sea.

'Song of the Chattahoochee' takes place deep in the forests in Georgia, where the Chattahoochee river runs down between the mountain valleys southward. The trees in these forests can talk to the river, and they all want the river to stay up in the forest, where the trees can tell tales, embrace the river, and stay warm in its currents.

Going for Water

by Robert Frost

‘Going for Water’ by Robert Frost depicts a simple errand in joyful, uplifting language. The poem suggests that any task, no matter how annoying, can be enjoyed if one is outside. 

Lioness Asleep

by Babette Deutsch

‘Lioness Asleep’ by Babette Deutsch describes the plight of a captive lioness who’s only temporary escape is through her dreams. 

Love Is Not A Word

by Riyas Qurana

‘Love Is Not A Word’ by Riyas Qurana, is a poem that personifies love and dives into the notion of love and what is needed to maintain it in relationships.


by Louise Bogan

‘Medusa’ by Louise Bogan describes an encounter the speaker has with the eyes of Medusa and the eternal results of that meeting.


by William Wordsworth

‘Nutting’ by William Wordsworth describes a speaker’s boyhood journey into the woods and the resulting pleasure and rage he experiences. 

Some One

by Walter de la Mare

‘Some One’ by Walter de La Mare tells of a mysterious visitor to a cabin in the woods in the middle of the night. 

Tall Ambrosia

by Henry David Thoreau

’Tall Ambrosia’ by Henry David Thoreau is a beautiful depiction of the joy one can take from the natural world, specifically in a field of ambrosia.

The Little Boy Lost

by William Blake

‘The Little Boy Lost’ by William Blake is the story of a young child who while out searching for his father gets lost in the woods. 

The Rhodora

by Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘The Rhodora’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson describes the power of a rhododendron flower and its ability to outshine and the improve all the elements around it. 

The Wood-Pile

by Robert Frost

‘The Wood-Pile’ by Robert Frost is a beautiful, image-rich poem. It details a speaker’s journey through the woods and his discovery of a woodpile.

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