Teachers Poems

The Tables Turned

by William Wordsworth

In ‘The Tables Turned,’ Wordsworth invites us to break free from the constraints of modern society and rediscover the natural world’s beauty and wisdom.

The poem discusses the concept of teachers in terms of who is the best, books or nature. The poem quickly argues for nature, mentioning the vital components mother nature offers in her lessons that only she can provide. Teachers are the entire point of this poem, as not only does the speaker want you to convert to nature as your teacher, but the speaker hopes to teach you something from reading the poem in general.

Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;

Or surely you'll grow double:

Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;

Why all this toil and trouble?

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an afternoon nap

by Arthur Yap

‘an afternoon nap’ by Arthur Yap explores the lacunae in the modern education system and how it results in anxiety and stress in students.

The fourth stanza of Yap's 'an afternoon nap' contains a reference to teachers who burden a boy with home tasks.

Please Mrs. Butler

by Allan Ahlberg

‘Please Mrs. Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg is a children’s poem that conveys a frustrating and purposeless conversation between a student and their teacher. 

One of the main characters in this poem is a teacher.

Death of a Teacher

by Carol Ann Duffy

‘Death of a Teacher’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a moving poem. In it, the poet discusses a personal loss she suffered and how it affected her.

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