Volcanoes Poems

Poems about volcanoes capture the raw power and beauty of these majestic natural wonders. They describe the rumbling earth, fiery eruptions, and the awe-inspiring display of molten lava.

These verses may delve into the symbolism of volcanoes, representing emotions and internal turmoil. Poems about volcanoes evoke a sense of both danger and fascination, recognizing the delicate balance between destruction and creation in the natural world.

They may also reflect on the ancient myths and cultural significance attached to volcanoes, immersing readers in the mystery and majesty of these geological phenomena.

I have never seen “Volcanoes”

by Emily Dickinson

‘I have never seen “Volcanoes”’ by Emily Dickinson is a clever, complex poem that compares humans and their emotions to a volcano’s eruptive power. 

Volcanoes are the poem's primary symbol and remind the reader that, in spite of everything that has changed over the centuries, volcanoes still retain their power to capture the imagination.

I have never seen "Volcanoes"—

But, when Travellers tell

How those old – phlegmatic mountains

Usually so still –

A still— Volcano —Life

by Emily Dickinson

‘A still— Volcano —Life’ by Emily Dickinson is an unforgettable poem that uses an extended metaphor to describe the life of the poet. She compares herself to a volcano that erupts under the cover of darkness.

A still — Volcano — Life —

That flickered in the night —

When it was dark enough to do

Without erasing sight —

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