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With our Poetry+ Changelog, we keep you informed about the latest updates, improvements, and additions to the Poetry+ membership.

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To understand the changelog, anything in bold is deemed a substantial update. It is also worth noting that since we are continuously improving the functionality. With this, all resources on Poetry+ are live, and it is recommended to keep up to date since the guides and other areas of the membership are continually improving.

Poetry+ Changelog

22nd September 2023 – v1.63

  • Added 26 new poems, fully analyzed, with PDF Guides

14th September 2023 – v.1.62

  • Add PDF Guide links to relevant poems and poets on 7 educational syllabi
  • Add recaptha to Login and Signup pages
  • Fix bug with PDF resources redirecting to signup page

12th September 2023 – v.1.61

  • Release of the AI Poem Generator[Beta] – a tool to help poets and creators create poetry
  • Added 16 new poems, fully analyzed, with PDF Guides

21st August 2023 – v.1.6

  • Roll out of Poetry+ Review Corner to all applicable poems sitewide

18th August 2023 – v1.53

  • Added 8 PDF Resources, including:
    • 1 Poetic Movement
    • 7 Poets
  • Added 19 new poems, fully analyzed, with PDF Guides

2nd August 2023 – v1.52

  • Modified Poem Explorer Tool for a redesigned UX and advanced filtering for Poetry+ users

27th July 2023 – v1.51

  • Added 39 PDF Resources, including:
    • 3 Literary Devices
    • 5 Poetic Movements
    • 19 Poets
    • 1 Meter (revised)
    • 11 Structures and Forms
  • Added 24 new poems, fully analyzed, with PDF Guides

16th July 2023 – v1.5

3rd July 2023 – v1.4

28th June 2023 – v1.31

  • Improved the robustness of referenced glossary styling in Poetry+ PDF Guides.
  • Update core Poetry+ functionality to provide foundations for a better membership framework.

24th June 2023 – v1.3

  • Fixed minor bug with indentation of referenced glossaries in Poetry+ PDF Guides.

21st June 2023 – v1.2

  • Added a Review section to Poetry+ Poem Guides, allowing an in-depth and critical insight into the different elements of poetry, such as the poet, nationality, time period, themes, poem topic, form, genre, and more.
    • When populated, each review element has a rating out of 100 and a description/reasoning/further insight into that element and rating.
      • 0-20 – not a very good example of a poem for that element
      • 20-40 – a below-average example of a poem for that element
      • 40-60 – an average-good example of a poem for that element
      • 60-80 – a good-excellent example of a poem for that element
      • 80+ – one of the best examples of a poem for that element
  • Fixed an issue with Poetry+ Poem Guides that caused glossary terms to appear multiple times for every iteration of the term in text, in the referenced glossary section.

15th June 2023 – v1.1

  • Added the Poetry+ dashboard
  • Fixed a bug that made Poetry+ Guides add an extra table of contents
  • Modified Poetry+ tooltips to include term title

2nd June 2023 – v1.0

  • v1.0 of Poetry+ released:
    • Poetry+ PDF Guides
    • Commenting available on any poem/article, with answers from Poetry Experts.
    • Poetry+ newsletter launched.
    • Extra exclusive PDF Resources on all things poetry launched.
    • Tooltips defined for use for Poetry+ members.
    • Ad-free functionality for Poetry+ members added.