Rachel Hadas Poems

Rachel Hadas is an esteemed poet and essayist known for her introspective and evocative works. With a keen eye for language and a deep exploration of personal experiences, Hadas crafts poignant poems that touch on themes of love, loss, and the human condition. Her works resonate with readers, inviting introspection and emotional connection.

The Red Hat

by Rachel Hadas

‘The Red Hat’ by Rachel Hadas provides a poignant scene that captures the bittersweet experience of raising a child.

This poem by Rachel Hadas might not be one of her most renowned pieces but it does reveal the beguiling power of her intimate verse. This is especially true when it comes to poems that are so evidently close to the poet's real life. This particular poem communicates all the bittersweetness of both parenthood and childhood.

It started before Christmas. Now our son

officially walks to school alone.

Semi-alone, it's accurate to say:

I or his father track him on his way.

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