Randall Jarrell

Randall Jarrell is a poet and critic born in Nashville, Tennessee. His collections include Blood for a Stranger and Little Friend, Little Friend. Jarrell’s best-known poem is ‘The Lost World.’ He also won the National Book Award for The Woman at the Washington Zoo. Read more of Randall Jarrell’s Biography.

90 North

by Randall Jarrell

’90 North’ by Randall Jarrell is concerned with dreams, aging, and the truth of success. The poet’s speaker realizes that success means nothing and that after achieving everything he wanted, his life is worthless. 

A Country Life

by Randall Jarrell

‘A Country Life’ by Randall Jarrell gives a deeply felt depiction of the impacts of life, death and loneliness on one’s life before death finally comes. 

The Woman at the Washington Zoo

by Randall Jarrell

‘The Woman at the Washington Zoo’ by Randall Jarrell is a moving and disturbing poem. In it, the speaker explores her self worth and identity while comparing herself to zoo animals.

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