Richard Hugo Poems

Richard Hugo was born in 1923 in the Pacific Northwest and studied at the University of Washington along with Theodore Roethke. His first book was published in 1961. Today he is remembered for his rhythmic poetry and his ability to depict specific settings in his work. Tension is also considered a key part of Hugo’s writing. 

Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg

by Richard Hugo

‘Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg’ by Victor Hugo is a 20th century poem about nostalgia and living on past glory.

Richard Hugo was an American poet. He was said to be a regionalist. His poem 'Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg' places Philipsburg of 1907 alongside what it is now. It is a poem that evokes the feeling of nostalgia and is a very good piece from him. However, he has many poems that rank above this one.

You might come here Sunday on a whim.

Say your life broke down.

The last good kiss you had was years ago.

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