Robert Creeley Poems

Robert Creeley was an American poet born in 1926 and associated with the Black Mountain Poets movement. He received the Lannan Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award for his collected works. He died at the age of 78 in 2005. 

Bresson’s Movies

by Robert Creeley

‘Bresson’s Movies’ by Robert Creeley was a poet of the Black Mountain School. He wrote this piece in his characteristic style, exploring his connection of the films of French director Robert Bresson. 

I Know a Man

by Robert Creeley

Creeley’s ‘I Know a Man’ is about the growing darkness gnawing at the human soul, affecting its light and diminishing its inherent goodness. This poem hints at the condition of humankind in modern times.

The Flower

by Robert Creeley

In ‘The Flower,’ Robert Creeley meditates upon a full-blooded flower and tries to fill his soul with its spiritual energy. He creates a contrast between awakening and ignorance through the image of the “patient flower.”

The Language

by Robert Creeley

‘The Language’ by Robert Creeley is an interesting poem that grows easier to understand with each reading. It discusses love and the way its conveyed and felt. 

The Rain

by Robert Creeley

‘The Rain’ by Robert Creeley is an interesting and memorable poem about love. The speaker compares it through an extended metaphor to rain. 

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