Robert Hass Poems

Robert Hass is an American poet born in 1951. He is recognized as one of the most important writers of the late 1900s and is well-regarded for his translations of the poet Czeslaw Milosz. His first collection of poems, he won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Award in 1973. 

Meditation at Lagunitas

by Robert Hass

‘Meditations at Lagunitas’ was published in 1979 as part of Praise, Hass’s second poetry collection. Since then, it has only

Misery and Splendor

by Robert Hass

‘Misery and Splendor’ by Robert Hass speaks on the themes of time, the inescapability of change, and the nature of relationships. 


by Robert Hass

Robert Hass’s ‘Song’  is filled with the colors of autumn. It is about a pensive speaker’s afternoon cooking session.

The Pornographer

by Robert Hass

‘The Pornographer’ appears in Robert Hass’s Yale Series of Younger Poets Award-winning collection Field Guide (1973). This poem is all about an artist who finds it difficult to get rid of his thoughts.

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