Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell, born Robert Traill Spence Lowell IV, was an American poet from Boston Massachusetts. His heritage and youth informed many of his poems which were often set in the Northeast region of the United States. He cited poets like Elizabeth Bishop and William Carlos Williams as his inspiration. Read more about Robert Lowell.

July in Washington

Robert Lowell’s poem ‘July in Washington’ shows both sides of a coin, the coin being America. Lowell inserts different expressions and comparisons to make his stand clear to readers.


A thought-provoking piece from Robert Lowell’s incredible array of poetry, ‘Notice’ harks for capturing each and every moment of our lives, be it repeated or unbearable. We have to draw inspiration from tiny details in our lives.

Skunk Hour

‘Skunk Hour’ by Robert Lowell describes a speaker’s fascination with a town in Maine as well as the secret night-time activities he participates in. 

To Speak of Woe That Is In Marriage

‘To Speak of Woe That Is in Marriage’ by Robert Lowell is a memorable, confessional poem. In it, lol taps into the life experiences of a wife who is fearful of her lustful husband.

Waking Early Sunday Morning

‘Waking Early Sunday Morning’ by Robert Lowell speaks on the current godless, moral state of earth and the future of humankind.

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