Robinson Jeffers

Robinson Jeffers was an American poet born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, in 1887. He studied literature and medicine as a student and published his first volume of poetry in 1912. His work is remembered for its loose, free verse style inspired by the writing of Walt Whitman.


‘Credo’ by Robinson Jeffers is a powerful poem that asserts the poet’s beliefs about humanity’s connection to the natural world and explores how they contrast with the main tenants of Transcendentalism.

Credo by Robinson Jeffer Visual Representation

Gale in April

‘Gale in April’ by Robinson Jeffers was inspired by a storm that Jeffers observed in April while living on the Pacific coast. 

Gale in April by Robinson Jeffers Visual Representation


Robinson Jeffers’s poem ‘Hands’ is about the distance between modern civilization and past civilizations. It voices Jeffers’s philosophy of “inhumanism.”

Hands by Robinson Jeffers Visual Representation

To The Stone-Cutters

Robinson Jeffers’s poem ‘To The Stone-Cutters’ explores the similarities between rock-cut sculptures and poetry. This piece highlights the timelessness of poetry.

To The Stone-Cutters by Robinson Jeffers Visual Representation


‘Vulture’ by Robinson Jeffers is a poem that describes the thoughts of a speaker caught up in the beauty of death, but not quite ready to enter it.


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